Saturday, December 18, 2010

Google Search Now Alerts Users When a Site Has Been Compromised

This site may be compromised
An example of notification
We know most of them have been benefited by the Google's service on search issues like
"This site may harm your computer" notifications, which will display an alert when a harmful website is listed its search results page.

Now, there is another security feature released in Google's search engine that alerts users when a website is compromised by hackers. Google is trying at its best to make this web a safer place, and this feature will add a notification in the search results as "This site may be compromised" for the websites which are compromised.

This alert will avoid people visiting   compromised websites and thus, it avoids users becoming the victims of malware, spamming and phishing attacks.

If you see this message for your own website or a favorite website of yours in the Google search results, request the webmaster to check for any suspicious codes within the website and clean up the site if you see any (it means, it has been hacked). You can also visit here investigate and resolve the issue.

Difference between "This site may harm your computer" and "This site may be compromised".
  • "This site may harm your computer" is displayed when Google's malware detection system identifies a site as potentially hosting malware.
  • "This site may be compromised" is displayed when a site is classified as either hacked or compromised but has not detected a malware. 
Google also stated that "In both cases, our detection might not be perfect -- we continually work on improving our system -- but it would be wise to proceed with caution." 

There is versioning for everything in internet world and there are improvements, so we know many of them are relying on Google's malware notification for years and we know even this new service will help a lot of site owners and visitors out there. Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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