Friday, November 19, 2010

Yahoo Rich Search Assist, The Google Instant Way

Yahoo Rich Search Assist
Yahoo Rich Search Assist
Yahoo will be rolling out a new tool named as Rich Search Assist. Yahoo's aim is to make searching easy, you just don’t have to type the entire term/query in the search box, just start typing a term to see the suggested answers.

Rich Search Assist, helps a user by not only predicting what you type in, it also tries to predict the answers to your query which you have not finished typing. This is really a good move from Yahoo and this should work in a similar way to Google's Instant Search. It is said that, the previews of search results will include its ads which would not affect the searching performance or experience. Search Engine Land has posted about this new service on its blog and you can also see the below video to get a hint of the new feature. And this feature is enabled only for a small portion of user base; it should become available to all Yahoo users in few months.

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