Saturday, November 6, 2010

Windows Phone 7 will be launched in 2 two days.

Windows Phone 7
Windows Phone 7
Two more days to go, November 8th, Windows Phone 7 will be launched in US and Canada and by 2011 in Asia. It would be your first day to get your hands on Windows Phone 7 device from AT&T. Much similar to what was done before subsequent iPhone launches, the carrier AT&T has stepped forward with few vital pieces of information to chew on before making any incorrect assumptions.

Company representative Warner might have confirmed to Phone Scoop that online sales for Windows Phone 7 devices (Samsung Focus and HTC Surround) would indeed go live on the launch day, debunking rumors that the phones would only be available at the retail outlets.

And there are some news spreadingabout NO pre-orders are being accepted via
B&M / online. So thisshould avoid any chaos in the retail outlets for pre-booking and one can buy it only on the launch day. So you just have to hang for two more days, till November 8th to get your hands on it.. Leave your comments on the Windows Phone 7 experience.
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