Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Windows Phone 7 and Thousands of Application Downloads

In the event of Windows Phone 7 launch, the users can access around 2,000 apps and games, which is double than the mark set by Microsoft in the month of early October. The phone is available at AT&T and T-Mobile retailers across the United States.
Windows Phone 7-Apps
Windows Phone 7-Apps

And Todd Brix, a Microsoft Employee stated that Windows Phone 7 Marketplace if fully open to submissions from any of the registered 13,000 developers. And these 13K developers have paid $99 to get access to the Marketplace, so the new apps will be rolled out quickly to captivate the market hype. And to help these developers earn, Microsoft has released their in-app ad solution for Windows Phone 7, which would be serving ads in the U.S., and this in-app ad solution if only for  the U.S. developers for now.

And it is also said that, a great set of FREE Windows Phone Developer Tools have already been downloaded over a half-a-million times. And the Marketplace will be loaded with the new features mainly for the app developers.

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