Friday, November 12, 2010

Spam Posts On Your Facebook Wall

Everyone is aware of E-mail, Instant Messenger and other ways of spamming. But don't have much information on how the spammers make use of Facebook, Facebook wall and our friends on the world's largest social networking site.

Here is an example on how spamming works in Facebook:

Your friend will post on your wall as "Ha ha this girl gets caught by her DAD taking it off on her webcam!"

Facebook Spam Wall Posts

Let the Father do whatever with his daughter, but you just don't click on the post. When I clicked this URL it took me to a blank page (thank god!) "". If you still click, it might take you to any third party sites which might harm your computer. In case if you receive or see any links/URLs which looks suspicious.

Just check out my tips below to safeguard your computer, your profile and your friends:
  1. Mouse Hover over the URL and see the status bar for the hyperlinked URL.
  2. In my case I was able to see ""
  3. Just type this URL on a notepad (Right clicking to "copy" is not recommended, what if you click left click by mistake?)
  4. And search in for more details on the URL.
  5. And just avoid clicking on unknown links.
If you have noticed any spam posts or if you have any better tips to avoid these. Let me know in the comments section.

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