Thursday, November 11, 2010

SkyFire Makes Around $1 Million In A Week

SkyFire for iPhone
SkyFire 2.0 for iPhone- Image:SkyFire
SkyFire, the cross-platform and a free smartphone browser which is capable of handling most of the Flash Videos was free to use application, till now. Since this was a free application, everybody had that question in their mind that, How SkyFire would generate revenue to sustain in this competitive market?

Well, now there is an answer for all of you out there. In their first weekend on iOS platform, the very first platform in which SkyFire isn't free has managed to earn around US $1 Million in sales through the Apple's App Store.

Like others, the company isn’t sharing the exact figures, but the sources say that they have received the numbers for their first weekend downloads, which is well over 300,000. And this app is sold at the price of $2.99, so the sales should have reached almost $1 Million. And out of this $1 Million, Apple's share is going to be 30%, which brings SkyFire's share to $700,000 (Approx.)

SkyFire has managed to earn such a huge amount in the initial week. Not to forget, the application was pulled down temporarily from the app store to fix some transcoding issues which were being noticed in the iPhones. Still the guys at SkyFire, has managed to deliver the fixed version to the App Store. Check out the video below for SkyFire 2.0 for iPhone demo  and don't forget to see the reviews and ratings in App Store before you buy this App, currently, it has 3 stars in App Store.

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