Sunday, November 14, 2010

Send Files/Links Directly From Your PC to Phones

Spending time on Internet and on social networking sites has become a part of one's life and most of the people rely on bookmarking sites  or emails or cloud computing applications like dropbox to access one piece of information across all their computers and devices. This article describes about the best application which us used to send links and also text files, right from your Browser/Computer or PCs to your cellphones:

Site to Phone
Site to Phone-Chrome Screenshot
This service can be used to send links and text from your desktop to your phone with the help of an add-on/bookmarklet which can be found here. For now this application supports iOS Devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod), Android, WebOS, Blackberry 6 and Windows Phone 7.  The add-on is available only for chrome, IE 8 and 9, but one can use their bookmarklet on any of the major browsers like, Firefox, IE, Chrome, Safari and Opera. 

Once the add-on is installed on your computer or once you hit the bookmarklet you need to add Site to Phone icon to your phone. And you can start sending the links to your phone once the cellphone is configured and you are logged in to the account.

You can open all the links which were sent from your browser. In chrom the right click context menu gets an additional feature which reads "Send image to phone" when you right click on an image, this makes sending URLs which was never easy in the past. And the best part is the links sent to phones will be saved in the history.

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