Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Rumor- HTC to launch its own app store

Yes. There are rumors spreaded about  HTC launching its own app store. But there is no official statement from the HTC, this has to be considered as a good move from a smartphone manufacturer, who could provide unique applications to its customers, especially for the Android users.

HTC has grown on the popularity of its smartphones, however it has the strong competition from Samsung and other major players.

The main evidence which supports this rumor comes in the form of staff hiring. It is said that, HTC is hiring content editors around the globe to ensure a global app marketplace in all the markets where its phones are being sold.

A wide range of apps and also the e-books sales are expected from the app store. In the past, HTC Chief Executive Officer and President, Peter Chou has said that an app store is of little value to the company, but also that selling smartphones is not just enough and more customer engagement is required after that initial sale. So we have to wait for the official word from the HTC Executives to confirm this rumor.

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