Monday, November 15, 2010

Microsoft Game Hub- Socialize Your Solitaire Like Games

Microsoft today introduced a new gaming hub which connects its three major social gaming portals, this has brought down the difference among casual and social gameplay. This hub helps the fans of casual games like Bejeweled play, Solitaire to interact socially across Microsoft's three major services-MSN Games, Bing Games and Windows Live Messenger.

Microsoft Game Hub
Microsoft Game hub is a new feature and starting from today it appears in a similar way on MSN Games, Bing Games and also on Windows Live Messenger. This will allow any user who uses any of these three services to play the same games, can see their friends' status updates and also they can send and receive game challenges.

By bringing together these three casual gaming sites together with this new hub, Microsoft has planned to make simple like, non-hardcore gaming more social. From this new hub, one can sign into their Windows Live or Facebook accounts and check their friends' status updates, exchange the game challenge requests and view the game leaderboards and they can also save a game on their favorites and they can do many more things, right through this hub.

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