Sunday, November 14, 2010

Links disabled in Messenger 2009 to prevent malicious worm

Few users over the last two days may have noticed the links which were not working in Windows Messenger 2009. This is temporary security measurement taken by Windows Live team to ensure that the malicious worm does not spread across the computers.

Windows Live team has posted a security alert on their website and this is to warn users to be safe while using Messenger 2009. And the Windows Live Messenger 2011 is safe to use, as it is not affected by any worms and users can upgrade to 2011 to use the latest version with all the features enabled. Messenger 2011 is safe to use, as the links which are clicked on Messenger 2011 will go through Microsoft's SmartScreen before you see the actual page.

Windows Live Messenger 2009-Warning
Windows Live Messenger 2009-Warning
The malicious worm is quickly spreading through Messenger 2009, sending messages to all the contacts which are in victims contact list. When a victim clicks on the link, the malicious worm will be downloaded and installed in the victim’s computer and it will start sending the links again to the users who are in the victim's contact list. This process will be repeated with all the users when they click the link.

For now, Messenger 2009 users can see a warning on their messenger window, as "You can still chat, but some features might not be available because of a connections problem." This is just a warning from the Windows Live team, it is recommended that users are using the latest version Anti Viruses with latest definitions updated. And don't click on any URL, even if it is sent by your friends, just verify them with the sender and proceed.

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