Friday, November 19, 2010

LinkedIn's Latest And Upgraded App for iPhone

LinkedIn Latest Version iPhone App
LinkedIn has updated its iPhone app with new search interface, communication features and recent activity connections and also it has focused more on improving the inbox.

The iPhone app has a powerful search interface through which you can search for a LinkedIn user in your connection list or you can search in the entire LinkedIn portal. This new application will provide information like, the summary of details of the username you searched for, review of their education and their work experience and the list of mutual connections and you can also mark a person as your favorite in the app.

And there are four modules in professional updates to help you check your updates quickly: All Updates, Status Updates, Profile Updates and Discussions. And this app comes with the feature in which you can filter out the status updates from your favorite connections. And one can read and submit the comments using this app.

After seeing a great number users checking into their account to check their LinkedIn messages, LinkedIn has improved the look and feel of inbox, dashboard badging and also sending invitations. There are many other features in this latest version 3.0 app which is released for iPhone, just explore and let us know what you think about them in the comments section.

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