Saturday, November 20, 2010

How To Test and Increase your iOS Device Speed

Device Speed Test for iOS
Usage of Apple iOS platform has increased in a tremendous way, and every user would like to test or increase their device's speed. Here is new application called Device Speed Test in the Cydia app store for all your iOS platform devices like, iPhones. iPads and iPod Touch.

When the application Device Speed Test is run, it does numerous tests and it also checks for the speed of important and major aspects of your currently installed iOS.

Once the test is completed, it will display the results/report. One can easily check the report as it is displayed with small icons showing green, yellow and red light. Green light denotes that everything is running as quickly as your operating system could perform, yellow and red light is to tell you that the device is not running with its full capability and it also provide you the suggestion to improve. You can download the Device Speed Test app for free from

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