Thursday, September 22, 2011

How to remove Facebook Developer application from your Facebook profile?

If you want to remove the Facebook Developer Application from your Facebook profile, just follow the simple instructions to know how-to remove or delete it:

Remove Facebook Application
Not able to Remove-Delete Facebook Developer Application
If you have ever clicked the “Go To Application” button on the Facebook Developer Application Page. It isn't easy to remove this application, as it doesn't appear either in the Applications Menu [left hand side bar, below the profile image] and on the "Applications and Websites Menu"

Now, to remove the Facebook Developer Application:

Just go to the application page, scroll down and
Facebook Developer Application Removed
Remove-Delete Facebook Developer Application
click “Remove Application” and confirm the same by clicking on Remove option and you should see the confirmation window as "You have removed Developer." 

That’s it, and now you know the tip and you have removed the tricky facebook developer application.

Post your comments below, once you successfully remove the application.


Michael Cohen said...

Thanks for this, I was looking for how to remove the Developer app for hours.

Maksym Kozub said...

Now it will not open the application page for this Developer application. The only way I have found is to "Turn off Platform" completely.

Admin said...

@Maksym I just checked on facebook, and the Developer Application page just works fine for me. Let us know if you have any other methods of removing that application.

bloodsand said...

thanks a lot!!!

Mr.x said...

While your fb a/c is open

-click on get started
-It will detect that you have already registered as developer.

-from all the options at left side lower side there will be option of "Delete application"

-just click it and you are done

Tanveer said...

Worked like Magic ... Thank You !!

Fouzan said...

This doesn't work anymore. Just search and go to the app page for facebook developer and from the options of the left just click "remove app" and you're done!

My Words And Whispers Of Life said...

it doesn't work anymore. i don't see any 'remove app' option on the developer app

Sophie said...

its not working anymore... developer tab still appearing on left side but no option 2 remove it

麗。。。葵 said...

It doesn't work for me... I tried all methods in here and I still cannot delete developer... is still there but i don't want it anymore :( HELP!!

Angelina said...
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Greg said...

@Fouzan that method doesnt seem to be working for me any other ways?

Anonymous said...

its not working anymore. Facebook developer has changed.
Is there anyone who has found any new way to remove the developer app??

Clark Davidson said...

One of my friend asking how he can remove their account, but one thing i want to ask? After removing account can i manage to add again same account for Facebook developer?

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