Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How To Password Protect A Single File/Page In UNIX

Password Protect A File
Password Protect A File
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This tip is for the programmers, and web designers who are novice to Web Designing/UNIX. We all know how to password protect a "folder" in UNIX server by adding a simple .htaccess code.

But, how do you password protect just "one-single page/file?" If you think it is a bit tricky or difficult, here is a solution, the image on the right side has the step by step instructions to password protect a "single page/file". The image should give you a brief idea and you can access or copy the code (lengthy one) from daily3tips. Once you use this code in your server, you cannot access the protected file/page without entering the username and password which you had configured/coded in the code.

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