Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Blekko- The new Search Engine Goes Live to eliminate Spam

Blekko Search Engine
Blekko- Search Results Page
The new search engine Blekko goes live, with a tag line "slash the web!" as it uses slashtags to search and sort the websites, by knocking down the spam.

Rich Skrenta, Blekko’s co-founder and chief executive, says that since Google started, the Web has been overrun by unhelpful sites full of links and keywords that push them to the top of Google’s search results but offer little relevant information. Blekko aims to show search results from only useful, trustworthy sites.

Mr. Skrenta added that "The goal is to clean up web search and get all the spam out of it." In Blekko's language just slash out the unwanted sites and knock out the spams.

Blekko’s search engine scours three billion Web pages that it considers worthy, but it shows only the top results on any given topic of slashtag. It calls its edited lists of Web sites slashtags.

From Wikipedia- Slashtags,
Slashtags are a set of short community-created conventions for attributing information on Twitter, also called microsyntax. They are designed to be succinct and provide an easy way to provide metadata about a tweet, especially when "retweeting".
The engine also tries to eliminate the Web pages created by so-called content farms which finds popular
Web search trends and topics and then assign people at low pay to write articles on those topics for sites. Blekko has made hundreds of these slashtags, and one can create their own and revise others' slashtags.

Prior to founding Blekko, Mr. Skrenta was the founder and CEO of Topix, and he had served companies like AOL and Netscape. And he was also the co-founder of NewHoo which was acquired by Netscape and renamed as Open Directory Project. The ODP is the world's largest human edited directory of the web and used by search industry giants like Google, Yahoo, AOL and other search engine firms. And he has been trying to improve Web searching experience by relying on Web users to help sift through pages.

In some cases, Blekko's top results are totally different from Google. Blekko's main challenge and concern is that most users are used to Google and they are happy with Google. It should bring in Google users to start using slashtags in Blekko.

And Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land says about the Blekko as “It might take off with a small but loyal audience, but it won't be a Google Killer."

Check out Blekko and you can register here to create and edit slashtags, and you can invite 100 of your friends too!

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