Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy Tab

If you love open source projects like Android and if you are a follower of Androidism, you can just buy a Samsung Galaxy Tab which is built on Android platform and not to forget, it is a competitor to Apple's iPad.

If you already have a Samsung Galaxy Tab by now, it's time to check out the apps, best apps and useful apps. We know, there are very less apps for this Tab to download (for now), but you can find the apps which are considered to be best so far.
  • WSJ- Wall Street Journal
  • The Wall Street Journal app is the considered to be the best app for the Samsung Galaxy Tab so far and it makes full use of the 7-inch screen to display the news/paper in a different way.
  • The New York Times 
  • Another news app.
  • Financial Times
  • It is said that it looks like a WAP site, though check this app and let us know what it looks like.
  • Asphalt 5
  • Asphalt 5 Samsung Galaxy Tab Best App
    Asphalt 5-Samsung Galaxy Tab
    Gaming on this Samsung Galaxy Tab is a different experience when you try this Asphalt 5 app, as it makes the full use of wide screen and it is more addictive when you play on this Galaxy Tab.
  • SparkChess
  • This game is built on Adobe Air application and with the full use of the screen width and height there is no doubt in this app giving some extra exercises to your brain.
  • Opera Mobile
  • Opera is itself a wonderful application. When you use Opera in this Tab, it should be wonderful 2x.
These apps are considered to be best for today, if you like a different app or if you know a best app, just mention it in the comments section.

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