Sunday, October 31, 2010

Twitter App for Windows Phone 7

Twitter App for Windows Phone 7Twitter, one of the most popular microblogging-social network has unveiled the official Twitter App for Windows Phone 7. The new Twitter client which has been made available on all Windows 7 platform phones.While everyone were eager to see something different offered for the Microsoft phone, Twitter decided to keep it real with features such as Timeline, messages, lists, suggested users and the search pane. The Twitter App also helps new users to sign up for an account right from the Windows Phone itself.

In addition to this, Twitter adds that the App has been made more efficient and fast in order to blend with the all new Windows 7 Phone. Twitter’s new
App for the Windows 7 Phone is somewhat unique. Twitter along with the development partner, IdentityMine, made a great effort on creating this new application for the Windows Phone 7. Twitter made use of the open source REST API library, Tweet Sharp as the foundation for the app and IdentityMine as the release agent which will look towards upgrades and improvements, making it open source for everyone to use. Try the new app and post your comments below.

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